Subjective Map

The project is based on many hours of casual talks with citizens during collaborative walks or during unoffical meetings in the places related to some of their stories.

We ask them of their impressions and their ways of perception of the nearest environment. It aims to discover the emotional layer of the perception of the space.

The project is done as open process and without hierarchy. As a result, the interactive subjective map is created. It serves as freely available online living archive of memories of places - private, intimate and daliy memories. The archive collects earlier unknown history-story which is often underestimated, unwritten and go away with the people but indisputably has invaluable importance.

GrubyPunkt Urban Laboratory

Member of European Forum for Architectural Policies. Interactive installations, mobile architecture, innovative approaches to urbanism, subjective mapping of cities, workshop organization, non-existent elements of public space are in the center of our work and research. We focus on using participative processes and tactical approach to our work.


"(...)installation managed to create new lines of communication within the district and increase people’s understanding of their own neighborhood."
Bettery Magazine

"Although the project is not about building physical structures, its participants rebuild together forgotten pieces of their town, they regenerate the pictures from their neighborhood, which are the real base of their identity, bringing it back to life."
Sztuka Architektury

"(..)collaborative creation of new didactic sources is one of the most interesting approaches."
Edukator Medialny

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